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We OWN a small niche of a business usually assigned to the HVAC trade and the Fire Protection trade, both of whom are inexperienced and ill-equipped to deal with the job.


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The Commercial Hood Sysems Exprets

We Do The Following. Nothing Else:

Commercial Kitchen Hoods


Hood Exhaust

Grease duct fabrication & installation (16 GA black steel ducts welded liquid tight at joints and seams) Grease duct fire wrap (two layers of wrap giving 2-hour fire rating) Supply air dusts (MUA)

Make Up Air (MUA)

Rooftop Evap units which provide fresh air supply to the area of the hood.

Hood Fire Suppression

Create fire suppression design (based on and configured to cooking equipment below) Submit drawing to fire department for review and approval Obtain fire dept permit (upon completion of above) Install fire suppression system and pass inspection

Fans (Blowers)

sales, installation for kitchen hood exhaust fans.


M&E Best Fire Protection – The COMMERCIAL KITCHEN HOOD EXPERTS. We handle the whole thing, we provide & install from A to Z. Kitchen hoods – Ventilation – Duct work – Fire wrap as well as Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression We are a family-owned, well-managed, California Corporation, in good standing with the California State License Board. After years of continuous growth under our belt with HVAC and Fire Suppression/Protection, we realized that nobody in our trade(s) likes the Kitchen Hood business:


The HVAC trades-people are trained to work with standard a/c systems and to install fabricated or standard metal ducts. They know nothing about those big beautiful stainless steel kitchen hood assemblies. They DO install duct work, but these ducts have WELDED seams and they must then encapsulate the entire duct run with two continuous layers of high-temperature insulation wrap which protect any local combustible materials. The Building & Safety Departments are stringent, and each duct is inspected at least four times at different phases throughout installation. You can rely on M&E to handle the ducts correctly and to pass the inspections. (Your average HVAC contractor…..? Perhaps not.)


This is NOT fire sprinklers or any other type of fire protection. On the contrary. We create drawings of the fire suppression system. We present them to the fire department and get them approved, upon which we pull the permit. The fire protection trade is trained to lay out and install MILES of water lines and millions of fire sprinklers. Does anyone blame them for not comprehending the importance of setting up fire suppression for 12 feet of hood? They don’t get it, they don’t want it, they do it wrong guaranteed. M&E Best ONLY does this. By the thousands.

Indeed we have MASTERED everything related to commercial kitchen hoods. This is our specialty – and it’s all we do. We regularly sell/install/maintain commercial kitchen hoods made by the reputable hood manufacturers (CaptiveAire, Econ-Air, etc.). We take special care with proper installation of the exhaust ductwork and the fire wrap protocols (which are scrutinized by the city inspectors), resulting in a pretty impressive track record when it comes to passing fire department and city inspections.

We also have maintenance agreements with over 3,000 commercial kitchen hood clients, so we have quite a few guys in the field all the time focused on kitchen hoods all day – every day. We’re non-union.

We’re located in Chatsworth, but we work all over Southern California (and when the size of the project warrants it, we’re equipped to work just about anywhere). A partial list of projects and references is available upon request.