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Hood Cleaning – Extra Information


The frequency of cleaning for various businesses:   Monthly - Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations   Quarterly - Systems serving high-volume operations, such as 24-hour cooking , charbroiling, wok cooking, etc.   Semi-Annually - Systems serving moderate volume cooking operations   Annually - Systems serving low volume cooking operations, such as day camps, churches, [...]

Hood Cleaning – Extra Information2018-10-03T21:27:38+05:00

All About Hood Fire Suppression System and Repair


The suppression system connects to both the hood over your cooking station and the gas line running through the cooking station. If the fire suppression system is tripped, the gas line automatically shuts off. This kills the fuel source of the fire. Now, depending on the fire (such as a grease fire), it may still [...]

All About Hood Fire Suppression System and Repair2018-10-03T21:29:28+05:00

What is a Commercial Kitchen Hood System?


Exhaust hood systems play an important role in the restaurant kitchen, pulling heat, smoke, and odor away from cooking surfaces. Hoods shall be Type I or Type II and shall be designed to capture and confine cooking vapors and residues. A Type I or Type II hood shall be installed at or above all commercial [...]

What is a Commercial Kitchen Hood System?2018-10-03T21:30:05+05:00